To keep Flock of Human Beings bonded together Different Religions erupted with Time

Unable to comprehend vast expanse of cosmos created by God (Brahman), unable to comprehend Nirakaar form of God (having no form) different cultures, different groups of human beings gave God a Sakaar form (having a form). Some worshipped God (Bhagwan) through idols like in Hinduism and others personified God as Jesus Christ. Muslims called it Allah, Hindus Brahman!   Product […]

Divinity Primarily refers to Belief in Divine Being and relates More to Religion than Spirituality

Divinity primarily refers to belief in a divine being and relates more to religion than spirituality! From spiritual angle this divine being was stated as an attribute of God (Brahman in Hinduism). In Bhagavad Gita, a spiritual document Lord Krishna emphasizes offering all worship and prayers directly to Brahman (God) and never the various attributes… hordes of gods and goddesses! […]

All Human Beings were Totally Free of Bondage of any Religion from Birth

All human beings were totally free of bondage of any religion from birth. When we are born we are guided by inherent dharma (righteousness) that was imbibed into every living being. Born in a religion, we were still free to pursue any goal of life.   I was born in Jainism religion yet from six years of age I believed […]

Most Human Beings world over Indulging in Religious Practices Wanted the Best of Both Worlds

Most human beings world over indulging in religious practices wanted the best of both worlds. In the physical manifest world they wanted absolute control over their destiny… manifest success and live a happy life. After death all wanted to go to swarga (heaven), the preferred abode as stated by religious pundits, clergy!   In our ignorance we failed to realize […]

The Religious Practices in India got dogged by Irrelevant Rituals The Routine Continues even today

In yesteryears in erstwhile Bharatvarsha (now India) various kings engaged services of Rajpurohits (priests). The job was lucrative and to avoid displeasure of King, the Rajpurohits of those era started manipulating the sacrosanct religious practices. With passage of time, they developed a coterie and overpowered the King. Whatever was stated by Rajpurohits had to be followed.   The whole religious […]

The Goal of All Religions in this World always was Promoting their Scriptural Texts for Human Beings to reach Stage of Enlightenment Moksha Salvation

The goal of all religions in this world always was promoting their scriptural texts for human beings to reach stage of enlightenment, moksha salvation. Spirituality was part of religion, not distinct from it! Indulging in ritual practices one never reaches God. God can only be realized, one can reach stage of enlightenment only by indulging in sacred texts of different […]

Religious Scriptures Primarily do not lead One towards God Almighty

Some religious scriptures definitely increased our faith in God and others increased superstition! All depends on our choice… making a distinction between truth and false, right from wrong! Religious scriptures primarily do not lead one towards God Almighty. Indulging in rituals we never gained anything in spiritual life. If we seriously desire reaching God in present life… our indulgence in […]

As long as Tree of Dharma Exists it would continue Manifesting Branches Religions.

As long as humanity exists, religions would continue existing on mother earth.   Initially came, tree of Dharma. The moment it developed its first branch came Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism! The tree further developed its second main branch and came, Gautama Buddha. Then Jesus Christ (another branch) followed by Prophet Mohammed.   All the individual branches further segmented […]

Religion Evolved from Root word Religare To Bond To keep the Flock of like-minded Human Beings Bonded Together

Religion evolved from root word religare… to bond, to keep the flock of like-minded human beings bonded together! The cause for religious followers of different religions to fight each other should not exist but so-called religious pundits owing to their vested interests made it so. Only to appease their bloated ego, they incited followers to indulge in bloodbath, fierce fighting […]

At any Stage of Life Now or in Future Religion could never Blend with Spirituality

Spirituality was irrespective of cultural divisions… faith, beliefs… even religion! Spirituality was primarily based on truth and only truth. Spirituality as detailed in Bhagavad Gita was the only truth of life. Every single enlightened one who manifest on mother earth succeeded in reaching stage of enlightenment following teachings of Lord Krishna contained in Bhagavad Gita. This includes even Jesus Christ […]

Religious Practices Rituals Change with Time but not Sacred Texts Spirituality that form Core of Any Religion

Religious practices (rituals) definitely change with time but not sacred texts, spirituality that forms core of any religion. Human beings in present times reached God indulging in spirituality… never religious practices (rituals). Religion evolved from root word religare which means to bind. To keep flock of like-minded individuals bonded together… various religions evolved over time!   If we were serious […]

Religion that Accepted Change as Part of Cosmic Evolutionary Design

Every religion followers of which indulged in logic, introspection… contemplation was always open to healthy criticism, change for the better. Hinduism (also called a way of life) was one such religion that always accepted change as part of cosmic evolutionary design. Hinduism laid more stress on path of spirituality than religious practices (rituals).   Hinduism believes in presence of soul […]

Travelers of Spiritual Path never Indulged in Violence

Following tenets of a religion means following its sacred texts, scriptures religiously! But how many people world over seriously indulged in scriptural texts! Dominated by a bloated ego most followers of religion turned fanatics, behaving as if their religion was the best amongst all.   The feelings of forgiveness, compassion that every true religion encompasses were forgotten forever. Dominated by […]

Personal Views on Islam Christianity Buddhism and Jainism Religion

All the following three religions (Dharma) evolved as a following of an enlightened one… Islamic Dharma after Prophet Mohammed, Christianity after Jesus Christ and Buddhism after Gautama Buddha! All the three… Prophet Mohammed, Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha succeeded in reaching stage of enlightenment after indulgence in Vedas (Hinduism revelations), Upanishads (independent treatises) and Bhagavad Gita. None in this world […]

True Religion Facts Hinduism Oldest Religion of the World

Hinduism religion is the oldest, the best and would always continue to do so. Why? The cosmic goal of human life was reaching God. This could only be achieved via path of Hinduism, never any other religion of world.   Everything contained in scriptures of Hinduism was truth but only truth. Amongst the vast paraphernalia of scriptures of Hinduism in […]

The Evolution of a Religion was Automatic based on Precepts of an Enlightened One

The evolution of a religion was automatic based on precepts of an enlightened one. After coming of Lord Krishna the sermon of Bhagavad Gita, came Mahavira, 24th Tirthankara of Jainism. He was part of Jainism. About 77 years later came Gautama Buddha. His teachings varied from Hinduism and the following developed after teachings of Gautama Buddha was caught Buddhism.   […]

Religion and Spirituality the Underlying Difference

When human brain had not yet evolved as it is today or even in times of Lord Krishna… human beings relied on different beliefs (falling in category of religion) primarily to ward off evil spirits or to invoke blessings of Almighty God. Even before religions came into the scene… existed Sanatana Dharma (path of righteousness).   As tree of dharma […]

All Holy Books primarily contained same Message God Almighty was One

All holy books primarily contained same message that God Almighty was one. Christians called it water, Muslims Pani and Hindus jala. The content of all was the same. The teachings of all enlightened ones could vary but not the end goal. As all preceptors gained enlightenment in their lifetime, reached the same source from where they started their initial journey… […]

None reached God via path of Religious Rituals Why indulge and mar Present and Future

If Sage Yajnavalkya or Vashistha appeared today, would they seem old-fashioned? To commoners, masses in present times even Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed would appear old-fashioned. Such terminology did not exist in field of pure spirituality. As none reached god via path of religion (rituals), why indulge and mar our present and future.   Human life must […]

Major Religions of the World Hinduism Jainism Buddhism Christianity Islam

Any religion that formed after a preceptor, an enlightened one was stable, had a large following. Buddhism evolved after teachings of Gautama Buddha when Siddhartha Gautama finally gained enlightenment in his lifetime 80 years of age.   Christianity evolved after teachings of Jesus Christ. It is primarily the dominant religion of West.   Islamic Dharma evolved after coming of Prophet […]

Path of Religion never leads to God

When young six years of age I used to accompany my mother to Jain temples for religious gatherings. Born in a Jain family I started following Jain religion (Jainism). But at this young age I had many queries within relating to god. I just wanted to satisfy myself by seeing God once. How to do it was the problem!   […]