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The quote “As you think so shall you be” forms essence of human life. It is thinking prowess that differentiates human beings from one another; animal kingdom and lower forms of life. The difference between a king and a laborer lay in our thinking prowess.


Can we say human beings having their thinking under wraps manifested destiny forever! Yes, truth is so! The study of successful people in different walks of life would indicate a similar life pattern… all had highly evolved thinking.


An exemplary thought pattern results from positive thinking. When negative thinking takes a back seat, human beings basked in glory of total success. Easily stated but difficult in practice; the quote “as you think so shall you be” works wonders in life of human beings who understand power of positive thinking.


When we invoked positive thoughts, we were all the time concentrated behind a single goal in life. Nothing to divert attention, nothing to lose; positive thinkers’ all the time manifest absolute success in life!


Why negativity mars life can be summed up in few words… we dissipated our energies in all directions instead of concentrating it behind a single goal of life. One who dug many pits for water did not experience success, compared to one who dug only one much deeper. Difficult in practice, but not impossible; a positive attitude can be slowly developed in life.


Command over positive thinking comes with time.


Power of Positive Thinking

Human beings endowed with free will, power of discrimination can think freely all the time! We are not bound by god or any other set routine of life. We could follow any thought pattern at will.


People materialistically oriented may accumulate wealth untold but for such positive thinkers everything was okay only until generation of wealth was for benefit of entire mankind.


For travelers of spiritual path who all the time thought positive; contemplation (chintan) was easier. Such positive spiritual thinkers finally tasted absolute success in life.


Nothing could dissuade such positive thinkers from manifesting total success! Reason; God Almighty ordained human life to be so! The only thing that differentiates successes from failures was thinking prowess. It is maturity coupled with positive thinking that makes us wise in the cosmic journey of life.


We can manifest success just by controlling thinking prowess. When a child, in youth it was much easier to do so. Once a bloated ego evolves, working for welfare of mankind becomes extremely difficult. Such positive thinkers though excelling in personal life could be called worldly failures?


If our thinking does not bring solace to all; was not directed towards benefit of masses, what value such success!


When we were positive in life, we were aloof from mental trash, hegemony of discarded thoughts; prime reason why successful people invoked less thoughts compared to less successful ones, failures!


Our Brain and Thinking prowess

The human brain evolves when we were positive in life. Spiritual people who were positive occasionally connected to supreme cosmic energy we called god, or whatever name we give. This helped spiritual people invoke all that were pure, scriptural in nature. Scriptural means, something relating to our real existence, higher consciousness existing in heart!


Before we successfully undertake spiritual journey, we had to be positive in life. Positivity helps accumulate everything that was positive, negating everything redundant. It was like gathering pearls after a deep sea dive. It was our concentration that we looked only for pearls, nothing else.


Logical thinking is an asset of positive thinking. Logically thinking we become master of contemplation (chintan). Logical positive thinkers were less in numbers. Manifesting absolute success was not that easy. For most people world over, negating discarded negative thoughts was difficult to achieve.


A major part of our brain lay dormant from beginning of life. Invoking positive thoughts most of time makes our brain evolve from within. If our goal of life was spiritual, then opening of brain was faster. Spiritually enlightened souls used their brain 100%, normal human beings 1 to 2%.


Mastering thought process is a slow and gradual process. Only people concentrated behind a single goal of life succeeded doing that. If we desire using our brain in totality, we must indulge in logical positive thinking most of time. A logical positive thinker was much above commoners.


By: Vijay Kumar “Atma Jnani”… The Man who Realized God in 1993 – (Ref. 180124)

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2 thoughts on “As you think so shall you be

  • Emmanuel

    I wish those videos were made in English because those of us who don’t understand Hindi can not comprehend the message.Texting from Nigeria.I am your ardent follower.

    • Vijay Kumar Post author

      From 2032 onwards Sanskrit and Hindi will become main communication language for entire world. Mark my word and date. I suggest learning hindi for good of all.