God Realization

None could Reach God simply by Indulgence in Worship or Prayers

Dominated by an ego (Aham in Hinduism) we failed to realize our true identity as a spirit, consciousness existing in heart. Before separating from God all souls atmans were pure. The moment they got separated (at the time of big bang); during their cosmic sojourn they got mired in impurities similar as a rolling ball gathers moss. To cleanse self […]

From all Angles I consider Myself very Smart now

From all angles I consider myself very smart now! The reason was apparent! I started in search of god six years of age. Since 6 to 37 I never spoke an extra word with anyone. People called me introvert and whatnot! Some even ridiculed me to the extent of being dumb! I had taken an internal vow, until I reached […]

True Worship in Hinduism is Offered not in Temples but by Realizing God

In yesteryears seekers, travelers of spiritual path went to deep dense forests, Himalayas in search of cosmic truths of life. Contemplation, introspection seemed easier in the deeper confines of Himalayas. In present times one could indulged in worship of god even while living in Grihastha ashram (family life). Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita states one who indulges in worship of […]

As Ordained in Hinduism Scriptures Indulging in Yoga Meditation Human Beings could Reach God in Present Life or Many Manifestations after

As ordained in Hinduism scriptures, indulging in yoga meditation human beings could reach God in present life or many manifestations after. God Almighty ordained a long journey of 1.1 million manifestations in human form to reach stage of enlightenment. We do not know at what stage of karma we stood in present life. Between karmic scale of 7,000,001 and 8,400,000 […]

Confronting God on One-to-One basis were the finest Moments of My Life

Every single human being on mother earth has spark of divinity within to gain enlightenment in present life. Still most, world over pursued path of religion (rituals) than path of pure spirituality that led human beings towards enlightenment and finally salvation moksha.   The only handicap was inbuilt fear. All spiritual wisdom contained in world emanated from India (erstwhile Bharatvarsha). […]

Realization of God Ordains a Long Journey of 1.1 Million Manifestations in Human Form

Realization of God was not that easy process prime reason why God Almighty ordained a long journey of 1.1 million manifestations in human form to become a Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed in present life.   For realizing God we need practicing the following –   1. Indulgence in nishkama karma yoga all the time.   2. […]

The Way to Reach God existed only in India through Scriptures of Hinduism primarily Bhagavad Gita

The way to reach God existed only in India through scriptures of Hinduism primarily Bhagavad Gita. Even in yesteryears in erstwhile Bharatvarsha yogis, seekers succeeded in reaching God via path of spirituality, yoga meditation as detailed in Bhagavad Gita. The same was applicable even today.   Enlightenment, stage of moksha salvation could never be reached unless one indulges in teachings […]

All Enlightened Ones at the End of Spiritual Journey established Communion with God Almighty on One-to-one Basis every second of Life

All enlightened ones at the end of spiritual journey established communion with God Almighty on one-to-one basis every second of life. God Almighty was not the form of human beings. God Almighty was primordial celestial power beyond human comprehension. A seeker in the later stages of spiritual pursuit finally realizes what God Almighty was. We could never see God but […]

To Reach End of Cosmic Life Realize God I Recommend following Two Books Law of Success by Napoleon Hill and Commentary on Bhagavad Gita

To reach end of cosmic life, realize God… I recommend following two books…”Law of Success” by Napoleon Hill and commentary on Bhagavad Gita available with Gita press, Gorakhpur, India.   Searching for God from six years of age I indulged in autobiographies of all successful people in this world. These books helped me reach the thinking prowess of successful ones. […]

God Can only be Realized from Within Never Seen

God (Brahman in Hinduism) was Nirakaar (without a form) and also Nirguna (without an attribute). God can only be realized from within, never seen. Reaching stage of absolute purity as a soul atman means realizing self, realizing god forever.   We as a soul atman were not distinct from God Almighty in essence. If an individual grain of sand is […]

Stage of Enlightenment Realization of Brahman God is Reached after Burning Karma in Totality The Need for Indulgence in any Ritual or Prayers Becomes Non-Existent

When a bud becomes a flower, the need for the gardener to do anything further ceased to exist. Once flowered, the petals would finally wither away with time. So is the case with seekers, sincere travelers of spiritual path. The moment human beings gained enlightenment, became a pure soul atman… the need for them to know anything further, to gain […]

Direct Experience of God

It was 1:45 AM in the morning, third of August 1993 and I was in deep sleep. All of a sudden I felt gasping for breath. Something within telling me to get up and go to the terrace on the top floor! When I reached the top I was instructed to come back with the lightweight chair I used for […]