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Everything written by Vijay Kumar relates to spirituality as defined in teachings of Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita and also Upanishads (Indian treatises).


Bluntly stated spirituality cannot have two meanings. Abstract truths of life convey only one meaning, the exact truth and only truth.


The meanings, explanations… definitions by different masters would always be different pointing to the same goal. The exact truth can be realized only when one reaches the absolute truth, never before. Abstract truths of life were never based on hearsay or bookish knowledge.


When did Vijay Kumar start indulgence with Spirituality

I, Vijay Kumar Jain inherently (owing to deeds of past life) started indulgence with Spirituality six years of age. At that young age Vijay Kumar Jain had no inkling what spirituality was all about. Nor he could differentiate spirituality from religion or dharma. At that time all meant the same.


To identify spirituality from religion Vijay Kumar Jain must have taken about 10 ~ 12 years. Understanding meaning of dharma, distinct from religion and spirituality took more may be 15 years. The inner meaning of these spiritual terminology dharma, religion and spirituality takes time. The inner meaning cannot be grasped reading books. Literally nothing in field of spirituality can be understood through bookish knowledge.


From six years of age Vijay Kumar Jain indulged in chintan (contemplation) of the highest order. Such a distinct characteristic of human life could not have been possible from deeds of present life. Vijay Kumar Jain had not indulged in any karma in present life so as to indulge in contemplation (chintan) at that young age. It was apparent that everything flowed from previous life manifested by soul atman of Vijay Kumar Jain.


When young students indulged in sports activities, recreational past times, Vijay Kumar Jain was totally immersed in thoughts relating to god. He was at times admonished, ridiculed by the society and friends yet; he was totally unperturbed on this account. So serious was Vijay Kumar Jain to find everything relating to god that around eight to nine years of age he finally established his only goal of life… go in search of God wholeheartedly without ever looking back.


Journey of Vijay Kumar Jain towards God

Once a single goal in life is established, the journey becomes easier! Why? Now we can concentrate all our energies behind that single goal of life.


From nine years of age everything Vijay Kumar Jain indulged in had only one purpose… search of god! Even while schooling, the goal of life was not gaining physical education but search for god.


It was around nine years of age I had inkling from within. It was as if something prompted to Vijay Kumar Jain from within to decide intelligently what he wanted to really do in life. Vijay Kumar Jain had two options.


1. Follow the routine of commoners; masses… enjoy the worldly pleasures of life. But there was one handicap; one would keep rotating in cycles of birth and death forever.


2. Second alternative was liberating self from cycle of birth and death forever. To a child 8 to 9 years of age, this prompting seemed logical but how to practice it? What were the pros and cons? What if Vijay Kumar Jain failed in reaching god in present life time?


All these queries initially disturbed Vijay Kumar Jain but with passage of time things became clearer. I thought over and over again. Something inside told me to make this life as the last. I was not to continue in the cycle of birth and death forever.


For unknown reasons, since six years of age my faith in God Almighty was absolute (100%). It is absolute faith in God that Vijay Kumar Jain finally decided to go in search of god.


As everything in field of spirituality was always unconditional, if things went wrong, I just could not blame God Almighty or circumstances for the same.


The moment I finalized my goal of life, a deep inner calm descended on me. It was as if Vijay Kumar Jain was in laps of God Almighty all the time. I started talking to God most of time. It was never a momentary interaction; my talks to God were long and totally serious.


It was at this stage I realized power of chintan (contemplation).


Power of Truth vis-à-vis indulgence in Contemplation (Chintan)

Apart from 100% faith in God Almighty at six years of age, I was also truthful 100%. Perhaps everything flowed from previous life manifested by soul atman of Vijay Kumar Jain. Nothing Vijay Kumar Jain did in present life up to six years of age could be the cause.


Power of truthfulness had a great role to play in journey of spirituality. To reach God in present life time, to realize God from within… our practicing truth and only truth in present life was an absolute must. We just could not do without absolute truth at any stage of spiritual life. Prime reason why most human beings on mother earth failed to travel spiritual path successfully!


Practicing 100% truth means forgetting all about desires of parents (someone who brought us into this world), expectations from us at different stages of life. We have to let go all attachments (Moha) forever. We have to realize from within that God was synonymous with truth and absolute truth. Manifesting riches in worldly life took human beings away from spiritual world.


We had to abandon everything we called earthly, materialistic!


When Vijay Kumar Jain was totally truthful from within, he could easily develop a dialogue with soul atman existing in heart. Slowly Vijay Kumar Jain realized that the journey of life truly belongs to soul atman within and not the manifest physical form people called Vijay Kumar Jain.


The value of physical entity called Vijay Kumar Jain diminished day by day. Vijay Kumar Jain starting becoming more spiritual day by day. The promptings of soul atman from within grew louder day by day. Finally a stage came, when I stopped searching for a spiritual master to guide me in the spiritual journey of life.


Remaining truthful I could easily follow promptings of soul atman coming from within my heart. As our soul atman always guides us on right path, we only had to abide by wishes of soul atman within. Talking to God, interacting with soul atman existing in heart became my daily routine.


Even while walking, jogging, swimming… indulging in studies and day-to-day routines of life… I could easily interact with my soul atman and god.


No sincere traveler of spiritual path must ever ignore power of absolute truth.


Importance of Chintan Contemplation in the Spiritual Journey of Life

I just cannot say how happy I felt indulging in chintan most of time. As my goal of life was reaching God in present life, my total concentration all the time was indulging in contemplation, chintan! I finally realized that bookish knowledge was never meant for spiritual journey. To earn our daily bread and butter, bookish knowledge was necessitated. What mattered was indulgence in scriptures, sacred texts via chintan contemplation.


To understand meaning of spiritual terminology, we have to dive deep within and unearth pearls of wisdom contained in sacred texts of different religions of world. This became possible when we indulged in chintan, contemplation.


The journey within is so tempting that one day when I asked my mother for dinner, she looked at me and said, it was breakfast time! I had been so engrossed in talking to God, my soul atman within that I momentarily forgot the timeframe. Later on it happened many times. I have remained engrossed in thoughts of god not for hours but many days in continuation.


Externally everything was normal but inside I was in total turmoil. Talking to God, chatting with my soul atman was so energizing that it simply could not be expressed in words.


Most human beings on mother earth who say Swami Vivekananda realized god were mistaken. When Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa admonished Swami Vivekananda, why he had come to him if the goal of his life was not reaching god… Swami Vivekananda politely replied he only wanted to affirm presence of god.


Swami Vivekananda indulged in working for welfare of its community to its level best. He willingly left god realization, self realization for next life. Had Swami Vivekananda desired, he could have easily reached stage of self realization, god realization under able preceptorship of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa… his revered spiritual master, but he did not.


Everything said and done, Vijay Kumar Jain has only to say that true seekers, spiritual aspirants must never seek a spiritual master ever in life. God Almighty, our soul atman existing in heart was in fact our spiritual master all the time. Remaining truthful all the time we could easily interact with our soul atman.


All the essays, articles on my different websites convey only one meaning… do not indulge in them literally; try reaching the hidden underlying meaning. Some essays were so potent, as many readings as many different meanings one derives.


Ever since Vijay Kumar Jain realized God in 1993 and became Vijay Kumar forever (as all religions became one for him), he has been disseminating spiritual wisdom through a series of articles essays for spiritual seekers to guide them in their spiritual journey of life. A collection of above 5000 articles essays existed on my different websites.


To serious spiritual aspirants Vijay Kumar has one thing to say, whenever after indulgence in chintan (contemplation) something was not clear, shoot an e-mail. For that matter, to all serious aspirants of spiritual path Vijay Kumar is available 24 x 7 x 365.


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