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Everything written by Vijay Kumar relates to spirituality as defined in teachings of Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita and also Upanishads (Indian treatises).   Bluntly stated spirituality cannot have two meanings. Abstract truths of life convey only one meaning, the exact truth and only truth.   The meanings, explanations… definitions by different masters would always be different pointing to the […]

Who is Vijay Kumar

Starting young six years of age, practicing spirituality as detailed in scriptures of Hinduism primarily Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads (independent treatises) Vijay Kumar succeeded in reaching cosmic end of life 8.4 millionth manifestation (last in cosmic life cycle).   The present manifestation is the last. Having become a pure soul he need not manifest a body again. The cycle of […]

How do you define Spirituality – What Spirituality personally means to you

From the time I could distinguish spirituality from religion and dharma… I have personally clung to field of pure spirituality. Dharma was the core, the stem… the pedestal that supports both spirituality and religion. Initially advent Dharma followed by religion and then spirituality.   When Dharma was in its fore, mankind was still not much aware about God. To appease […]

How do I connect with myself Spiritually

Before indulging in spirituality or thinking of taking spiritual journey within… our belief in self is an absolute must. We just could not lower self-esteem under any circumstances. The importance of self belief on path of pure spirituality could never be belied. It is power of self belief that human beings finally succeed in undertaking spiritual journey successfully.   In […]

How do you get in touch with your Spiritual side

From the very inception of mankind… we were spiritual from inside. In the initial phases of life when life itself was in its infancy… mankind understood little about our spiritual side. Human beings feared the creator and created hordes of gods and goddesses to pray to.   As evolved our intellect, mankind realized that we were primarily a spiritual being, […]