Yoga Poses

Pranayama Breathing Exercise is Best Indulged lying in Shavasna Pose of Yoga

Pranayama (breathing exercise) is best indulged lying in shavasna pose of yoga. How was it possible that while indulging in contemplation, logical reasoning… we could also indulge in activities like reading?   We could definitely indulge in yoga meditation… contemplation, introspection… logical reasoning even while indulgence in reading but not while pranayama. So was practically not possible.   By: Vijay […]

For Indulgence in Yoga various Sages and Rishis in Yester Era Indulged in Set of Asanas Yogic Exercises to keep physically Fit and Fine

Precepts of spirituality, indulgence in yoga meditation were not that easy! Yoga primarily is effort of soul atman wanting to yoke (merge) with Parmatman (God Almighty), Brahman at the earliest! For indulgence in yoga various sages and Rishis in yester era indulged in a set of asanas (yogic exercises) to keep fit and fine physically. Mental fitness is achieved through […]

We can Indulge in Shavasna Pose of Yoga every single Day of Life

We can indulge in shavasna pose of yoga every single day of life. Lying in shavasna pose of yoga when going to bed in night I always contemplated upon deeper hidden values of life. The meaning of sacred texts contained in scriptures slowly unveiled of its own. Path of contemplation is a sure shot method of indulging in yoga every […]

Yogic Exercises Sitting in Lotus Posture

In yesteryears when human brain had not yet evolved to the extent as of now, most yogis, travelers of spiritual path indulged in yoga meditation… yogic exercises by sitting in lotus posture. Maharishi Ramana, a spiritual stalwart who succeeded in reaching God in his lifetime indulged and advocated following path of shavasna (the dead pose). One must indulge in yoga […]

Yoga Poses Yogic Exercises Asanas

Why do we indulge in meditation yoga as understood in West? Indulging in yogic exercises never meant yoga meditation! As detailed in Bhagavad Gita… yoga meditation was the path to reach God in present life. And this journey can be covered by following path of spirituality.   To reach God in present life one could indulge in yoga meditation as […]

Indulgence in Yogic Exercises leads to Inner Peace Inner Calm

Path of yoga meditation and spirituality do not directly relate to inner peace. However indulgence in yogic exercises leads to inner peace, inner calm.   People indulged in yogic exercises and called it yoga meditation. Yoga meditation is the path that led one towards God Almighty. Invoking positive thoughts all the time one could maintain inner peace forever. The power […]