Kali Yuga

I Visualize End of Kali Yuga about a Decade or so from Now

People quote scriptures of Hinduism to say, there were 427,000 years more to go before end of Kali Yuga occurred. I visualize the end of Kali Yuga about a decade or so from now. All scriptural knowledge must be interpreted in terms of scientific advancements of present times.   If Mahabharata was fought with bows and arrows, we do not […]

In Kali Yuga in a Country like India where practically Law and Order was Nil Adharma Lawlessness Bared its Fangs all the time

An evil person getting punished is directly governed by laws of karma. If the residual balance of Prarabdha karma from previous manifestations is positive… then no matter how much people indulged in evil, they would never suffer at hands of society or law. The moment positive residual balance of karma from previous manifestations neutralizes… hell breaks loose for such people. […]

When Society Reaches a Point of No Return In Times of Extreme Strife Tribulation Development of Mankind comes to Naught

When society reaches a point of no return, in times of extreme strife, tribulation… the development of mankind comes to naught. Whatever advancement we see in present times in respect of mobiles, communication… media, computers… everything will reduce to dust! We are shortly approaching world war 3, a man-made calamity in which about 1200 million people are expected to perish. […]

We are Presently passing through Ghor Kali Yuga and Downfall of Society is About to Peak

Nothing in scriptures could be understood literally. Everything contained in scriptures like Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads… even Vedas was allegorical, metaphorical… could be understood only through path of contemplation, introspection… logical reasoning!   Lord Shiva opening his third eye means advent of an avatar on mother earth (God manifest in human form)! Advent of an avatar does not mean destroying the […]

Everything contained in Mythology Only a Means to Explain Basic Fundamentals Truths of Life through Parables

Everything contained in mythology was only a means to explain basic fundamentals truths of life through parables. Kalki avatar destroying Kali simply means when society reaches its lowest ebb, a point of no return advent a messiah, savior to save mankind from ills of today. To re-establish Dharma (righteousness) and abolish adharma (lawlessness), Kalki avatar would demolish demonic forces of […]

In the Society if 95% People followed Unethical Practices We called it Kali Yuga

What differentiated people of different times… only their perception! In the society if 95% people followed unethical practices then we called it Kali Yuga. Adversely in a Satyuga only 5% people indulged in vice, 95% people were sattvic (having godly tendencies).   The evolution occurs in stages. In present times we find some children behaving real nasty. From where did […]

The Concept of Kali Yuga and Satyuga was only a Perception

Interpreting scriptures literally never helps. We were not born in Kali Yuga. We created a Kali Yuga out of Satyuga by indulging in negativity, obnoxious feelings towards one another. The concept of Kali Yuga and Satyuga was only a perception. It was all a creation of mankind. In Kali Yuga not more than 5% people were truthful; in a Satyuga […]

More the Spread of Materialism Greater the Practice of Promiscuity

More the spread of materialism, greater the practice of promiscuity! In a Kali Yuga (Dark Age, metal age) dominated by a bloated ego, mesmerized by glare of worldly riches human beings at times indulged in extramarital affairs, sexual relationship outside of settled relationships. People become a slave to external beauty than internal!   By: Vijay Kumar “Atma Jnani”… The Man […]