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As you think so shall you be 1

The quote “As you think so shall you be” forms essence of human life. It is thinking prowess that differentiates human beings from one another; animal kingdom and lower forms of life. The difference between a king and a laborer lay in our thinking prowess.   Can we say human beings having their thinking under wraps manifested destiny forever! Yes, […]

Spirituality – Generation gap and Thinking prowess

The essence of spirituality lay in our thinking prowess. Unless proficient in thinking, we cannot travel spiritual path successfully.   Born in India, I primarily relate to spirituality as detailed in Hinduism sacred texts.   Can we ask how topic of generation gap fits into spiritual website maintained by Vijay Kumar?   Spirituality deals with all topics related to inner […]

How can you see your Soul

Would it ever be possible for human beings to see their soul?   Can the fragrance of a flower ever know where it emanates from? Can the inherent butter in milk ever realize entity of milk? Was it possible for a robot to see its master? If not, then human beings also cannot see a soul.   Our soul, the […]

Spiritual Tips for the Aged

Well past 70 years of age (nearing Vanprastha ashram), retired and looking after welfare of grandkids… I look forward to gaining Mukti (liberation from cycle of birth and death), reaching stage of moksha salvation. Even reaching heaven (swarga) would do.   Until 60 years of age I was busy earning bread-and-butter for the family. Thereafter the welfare of grandkids came […]

Spiritual Tips for Youth

Youth in the prime of their life (age 15 to 25) can work wonders.   Spiritual travel fructifies if we start our spiritual journey early in age. All enlightened masters Mahavira, Gautama Buddha Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed in pursuit of cosmic truths of life started early in age and so did Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana. All realized […]