What is Kundalini Awakening – Kundalini Snake – Kundalini Spirit

The cosmic energy untying which human beings scaled all levels of spiritual journey, kundalini is a gift to mankind by God Almighty to reach the highest potential ordained in human beings. One can become a Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed only by full awakening of kundalini shakti, the coiled Serpentine energy lying dormant in base of spine.


For a normal human being whose goal of life was not spiritual, kundalini meant nothing. The awakening of the kundalini must be indulged only by serious travelers of spiritual path, those desiring becoming a Swami Vivekananda in real life and finally stage of Ramakrishna Paramhansa or Maharishi Ramana.


Before reaching stage of self realization, god realization both Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana successfully awakened their kundalini energy.


The awakening of the kundalini does not relate to physical manifest life similar as spiritual travel which also does not relate to physical manifest life, the earthly domain! Anything related to spirit signifies the inner journey, the inner travel towards our soul atman existing in our heart. The whole process of spiritual contemplation is directed towards cleansing of self from within.


Gradual awakening of kundalini means growing spiritually step-by-step, reducing dross impurities within.


In absence of kundalini awakening, human beings could never realize their true hidden potential. The gradual process of kundalini awakening gives a great impetus to spiritual journey. As the dross impurities within our soul atman reduced gradually, we felt elevated day by day as if something within had been withdrawn forever. We all the time felt empty yet, full of bliss from within.


The symptoms of gradual kundalini awakening reflected on the forehead. A glowing forehead said it all. Furthermore we could feel lessening of bondage towards all earthly beings. All earthly ties get shredded one by one. Greater the spiritual accomplishments we feel more and more inclined towards welfare of entire mankind. The feeling of compassion increases day by day.


We truthfully become a trustee, a caretaker directly in hands of God Almighty doing his bidding all the time. As the ego within reduces, as I within dies day by day; we become more and more intelligent in the spiritual affairs of life, maturity gaining its peak! None can deprive us of our accomplishments as all spiritual achievements are always one-sided. Whatever kundalini awakening happens, it could never be reversed back by anyone, not even God.


Kundalini awakening happens the same way like the opening of a bud. Once it unfolds gradually and becomes a flower, it could never be reverted back to its original position of a bud.


Awakening of the kundalini results in opening of dormant lying portions of our brain. Normal human beings hardly use 1 to 2% of their brain capacity all the time, rest all the time lying dormant. Indulging in spirituality, kundalini awakening we could open the brain to full 100% capacity. The moment that happens one is called an enlightened one, a bodhi a Jina. The term Jina is used in Jainism for one who has won his real self, becoming a pure soul atman forever!


Human beings whose prime goal of life is spirituality only must indulge in kundalini awakening. Under no circumstances kundalini awakening can be left unchecked. It can not only create chaos in physical manifest life but also lead human beings towards severe depression. Society is full of people who abandoned spiritual path midway, not knowing what to do with partial kundalini awakening.


The power of kundalini awakening can be gauged, compared to the total power of a big Dam. If left unchecked, the gushing waters can lead to collapse of entire Dam. Kundalini shakti always requires channelizing this powerful cosmic energy towards our only goal of life and in this practice of absolute celibacy comes to our rescue. By practicing absolute celibacy we not only activated the dormant kundalini shakti but also inched ahead towards our spiritual goal of life.


Practice of absolute celibacy acts as a catalyst on path of kundalini awakening. In absence of practice of absolute celibacy, the dream of kundalini awakening could never be realized. We can channelize kundalini energy towards our only goal of life only through practice of absolute celibacy. Practicing celibacy mantra was a sure shot method of early kundalini awakening.


Practice of celibacy even for a mortal (whose goal of life was not spiritual) worked wonders. One could become a master or a leader in any walk of life. But to indulge in spirituality, kundalini awakening… practice of absolute celibacy was necessitated. Practice of celibacy demands abstention from sexual indulgence in totality whereas practice of absolute celibacy relates to negating flow of negative thoughts to our brain in totality.


To understand the concept of kundalini in totality, we need realize that we are primarily a cosmic being undertaking earthly journey. To cleanse self of dross impurities within, we as a soul atman manifest human form. Indulging in good karma most of time we eradicated traces of karma from within. Practicing truthfulness, we tried overpowering five senses and mind forever. As a cosmic being we had to cut across all bondages of earthly life forever. Every single relationship on mother earth had to come to naught.


This was done by Mahavira, Gautama Buddha… even Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed.


To become a pure soul atman, one whose kundalini had awakened fully; the body was only a means to an end. By overpowering five senses and mind we finally negate karma to zero forever.


Full negation of karma announces full kundalini awakening forever, something that could not be reverted back ever. Having become an awakened one, one could never go back to daily routines of life as indulged and practiced by normal human beings. For an awakened one, the physical manifest life loses its meaning. One finally becomes a free cosmic traveler forever. A liberated soul atman could venture to any part of cosmos at will.


Role of Kundalini Snake and related Symptoms

Kundalini Snake symbolizes the coiled Serpentine energy lying dormant in base of spine from the time of birth. Those who indulged in practice of celibacy knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or subconsciously intermittently experienced bouts of kundalini awakening. Even though the progress was minimal, but for a normal human being it was truly gigantic. For a spiritual traveler the gains may be little but for a commoner everything was beyond comprehension.


These little bouts of kundalini awakening must never be construed as the end. I get many e-mails round the year from people world over saying that their kundalini had awakened fully. Do we ever realize, one whose kundalini had awakened fully immediately becomes a Mahavira, Gautama Buddha… a Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed; an awakened one.


Kundalini Snake is the most fearsome of all spiritual experiences one could ever experience in spiritual travel. So much so that even hardened seekers start fearing confrontation with Kundalini snake. Even before we could realize what was happening, the Kundalini snake seems overpowering, greatly overwhelming! At times it truly became unbearable. Not knowing what to do, some people fall prey to it becoming patients of severe depression.


In my spiritual travail when multi-hooded kundalini Cobra confronted me, I was totally flabbergasted. At that time I did not know anything about kundalini. Everywhere I went, the kundalini Cobra followed me. Indulging in daily routines of life became difficult day by day. Even though a senior teenager, I shifted my bed to my parents’ room. I just could not confront the multi-hooded Cobra all by myself and that too at night.


With passage of time finally the multi-hooded Cobra finally subsided. Indulging in deep contemplation (chintan) I somehow subdued the multi-hooded Cobra. No sooner that happened, a white hooded Cobra bedecked with jewels confronted me head-on. It was all the time looking me straight in the eye. The moment I fixed my gaze on it, my body shivered all the time. Things became uncontrollable. I had to do something about it but what?


Finally one day I decided to confront this Cobra. The moment I asked him to go back, it subdued forever. Indulging in contemplation (chintan) all the time I had almost overpowered five senses and mind. I finally succeeded in negating karma to zero forever. The moment I reached this stage, a glow of light confronted me, as if asking me to follow it. No matter how fast I travelled, I could never catch it. Finally it dawned on me that I was pursuing my inner self, my soul atman.


The moment this realization took over, I finally reached stage of self realization, god realization.


Most experiences of spiritual path could never be worded. As many human beings as many different paths to God Almighty can there be. The experiences of all individuals on path of spirituality would always vary. It was like somebody catching a flight from Washington to New York, others going by their own vehicle or some other starting the journey on foot. As the means available, accordingly the spiritual journey!


In the domain of God, none is barred from travelling towards God Almighty. It is purely religious clergy who establish bottlenecks, hindrances on path of gullible commoners.


The primary symptoms of kundalini awakening were the level of maturity gained by one. Even without indulging in scriptures, one could realize the inner meaning of all the content. Everything contained in scriptures of different religions of world becomes like ABCD. Bookish knowledge becomes passé. For a serious traveler of spiritual path it was primarily indulgence in contemplation (chintan) all the time that pushed one towards higher levels of purity within.


One practically becomes a visionary, a knower of all forever.


Serpent symbolism – Kundalini Spirit – Serpents’ around the neck of Lord Shiva

On path of kundalini awakening it is pertinent to understand the symbolism behind depiction of serpents in various religious and spiritual scriptures of different religions of world. Some cultures have a Serpent God or goddess, others like Hinduism having gods Lord Vishnu resting on serpent Shesha or Lord Shiva having many serpents coiled around the neck.


All such instances indicate one simple thing that one becomes an enlightened one only after overpowering kundalini shakti. Only after we overpowered Shesha within us could we gain enlightenment. Lord Shiva represents an enlightened one… a bodhi, a Jina. For all practical purposes, every single human being who succeeds reaching stage of enlightenment becomes a Shiva. Kundalini awakening is the path and enlightenment the end goal of cosmic life.


The Kundalini spirit that exists within all human beings from beginning of time must be energized with caution. Let loose. It only leads to havoc. Channelized, it directly leads to stage of enlightenment.


Lord Vishnu lying on serpent Shesha denotes represents that after reaching stage of enlightenment, the enlightened one… the pure soul atman becomes free of all bondages of cosmic life. A liberated soul atman could travel at will to any part of cosmos.


The concept of kundalini awakening as detailed in Hinduism scriptures is unparalleled and so is doctrine of enlightenment. The sooner we indulged, better for the inner spiritual being.

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