Who is Vijay Kumar

Starting young six years of age, practicing spirituality as detailed in scriptures of Hinduism primarily Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads (independent treatises) Vijay Kumar succeeded in reaching cosmic end of life 8.4 millionth manifestation (last in cosmic life cycle).


The present manifestation is the last. Having become a pure soul he need not manifest a body again. The cycle of birth and death finally ends. A pure soul need not manifest a body again. Moment Vijay Kumar leaves mortal frame, he shall attain moksha salvation forever.


How he demolished karma, overpowered five senses and mind just could not be expressed in words yet, a brief story of personal experience of God is detailed below.


As a seeker, one who succeeded completing spiritual journey; indulgence in Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads of Hindu philosophy were inescapable. Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita outlines how to travel and complete this journey. Indulging in contemplation (chintan) we can assimilate all the wisdom contained in Bhagavad Gita, even Upanishads.


Few people undertook this path world over fearing various pitfalls along the way. One who feels can become a Swami Vivekananda in real life was competent to undertake this spiritual journey.


The best part of Hindu philosophy was; even while following ones own religion staying wherever we were, we could indulge in Indian spirituality to reach stage of self realization, god realization. Spiritually all the three enlightenment, self realization god realization meant the same.


The spiritual thrust always comes from within. In Vijay Kumar it evolved six years of age. Something from previous life (manifested by soul of Vijay Kumar) was instrumental in Vijay Kumar undertaking spiritual journey in present life.


Spirituality, the Hindu philosophy was not to be assimilated literally. Travelling path of wisdom, contemplation we have to realize the hidden inner truths of life contained in sacred texts. The wisdom contained in sacred texts was necessitated to remove ignorance within and could not be read like a textbook.


As detailed in Bhagavad Gita every single human being on planet earth empowered by free will had the prerogative to decide one’s spiritual journey of life. We can do it now in present life or leave it for future manifestations by our soul.


Around 8 to 9 years of age Vijay Kumar finally decided to make spiritual quest his ultimate goal of life. At that young age not knowing anything about spirituality or god, he plunged himself into cauldron of fire, the uncharted path of spirituality.


One important aspect of spirituality I would summarize here. All spiritual gains of present life automatically get transferred to next manifestation; we lose nothing in transition from body to body. That was how a soul supported by laws of karma conducts itself in cosmic journey of life.


Why should we believe in Spirituality followed by Vijay Kumar

It is a spiritual saying that everything spiritual always comes from within. When we explored our heart, our inner self we found existence of soul, the cosmic energy that manifests human form!


Travelling path of truthfulness, having 100% faith in God when we start indulgence with spirituality; we realize there was more to life than existence of physical manifest self. We as a human being were not the end. It is our soul that on its cosmic journey manifested human form to cleanse self of dross impurities within.


The journey of life practically belonged to soul within and not the manifest physical human form.


Inherently realizing that life continues after death of present body, one starts deeper indulgence in spirituality. Only to further realize that practicing spirituality as detailed in sacred texts of Hinduism like Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads we could liberate self from cycle of birth and death forever, finally reaching end of cosmic life.


Reaching cosmic end of life means reaching stage of enlightenment and finally moksha salvation! As a pure soul it need not manifest a body again. The circle of life finally ends.


Vijay Kumar starts Spiritual Journey

Born in a small hamlet Khanjarpur village near town of Roorkee (where exists the famous University of Roorkee, IIT Roorkee) Vijay Kumar started his first indulgence in spirituality when around 6 1/2 years of age he caught his father indulging in untruth. This was not acceptable and as destined, grandfather passed by. He reported the matter to his grandfather. In choosing between his son and grandson, grandfather chose path of truth and admonished his son not to indulge in untruthful activities in front of children.


This episode tarred my relationship with my father for years to come. Considering my father as a wilful defaulter, one who did not hesitate indulging in untruth; I stopped consulting him in day-to-day affairs of life. It was only in later stages of life I realized my father was not at fault. As my grandfather had bid adieu to family life quite early (becoming a Jain Muni, a naked monk), the burden of whole family rested on him, the eldest in family. To manage daily household chores successfully, it is not uncommon in India to pursue path of untruth. Various family compulsions force one to do so.


Vijay Kumar follows path of Truth

Nonetheless, Vijay Kumar was not happy with his father indulging in untruth even if occasionally. He inherently decided to pursue truthfulness all his life. The teachings in class one goaded him to believe in absolute power of truth. Once penalized in class one and asked to write 500 times a line that went something like “path of truthfulness is the best policy”; he got so fascinated that he wrote 1000 lines instead of 500.


Practicing truthfulness all the time had its merits. Something fluttered in my heart all the time as if trying to convey something. Initially I did not pay any attention but one day I calmly sat down to listen to the sweet small inner voice coming from within my heart. To my surprise it was trying to prompt me towards path of truth. I started using this intangible power of truth in day-to-day routines of life. This resulted in my teachers believing in me phenomenally. I was sometimes flabbergasted when teachers took my judgement seeking truth vis-à-vis untruth.


In almost all cases, I could distinctly separate untruth from truth. So much was the power of truth coming from within that the principal of school announced in the assembly that henceforth every statement by Vijay Kumar in case of a dispute would be treated as truth. This delicate relationship between me and the principal lasted lifelong until his death.


Vijay Kumar in search of God

As life progressed ahead around 8 to 9 years of age the voice within prompted me to go in search of god! At that young age I was not aware what God was all about. I discussed the issue with elders in the family and outside but all hesitated. I eventually realized that all were totally ignorant about god. The most community indulged was going to temples, churches or mosques at prescribed timings; to worship or pray to god.


This idea of god did not satisfy me internally. I wanted to see and meet God in this very life. Something within told me I could do it if I believed in teachings of Lord Krishna, scriptural texts of Hinduism primarily Bhagavad Gita and thus started my indulgence in spiritual writings, biographies of enlightened souls like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha… Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed. But one thing in writings related to these enlightened souls disturbed me. All the biographies were written by almost spiritually ignorant people. How could I trust their writings?


While indulging in religious and spiritual books of different religions of world, I used truth as the only parameter distinguishing truth from false. Assisted by voice from within, I could pinpoint truthful writings that logically proved right. I started assimilating what was truth and left the rest. While going through spiritual literature relating to Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana, I realized both had succeeded in reaching God in their lifetime. The teachings of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana, the vast paraphernalia of spiritual literature available in market, relating to these two enlightened souls became my ultimate guide!


What if I could duplicate their path, I thought?


Vijay Kumar exercising power of discrimination and indulging in Contemplation (chintan)

To believe or not to believe is not a small predicament that disturbs all seekers, travelers of spiritual path. Serious seekers can exercise power of discrimination to identify truth from untruth. Initially it seems difficult but with practice, the inner voice comes to rescue.


When young I was a great introvert as I all the time kept busy listening to dictates of voice within. Outwardly I seemed a lonely person but internally I was extremely busy sorting my queries. This affirms seriousness of doing contemplation (chintan) while indulging in spirituality. As all answers come from within, we can indulge in contemplation any given moment of life. We just could not fix a routine for indulging in yoga meditation. Existence of spiritual or meditation retreats was a farce as we practically achieved nothing much attending these retreats.


Spirituality was never about learning or gaining bookish knowledge. Every statement, every theory could either be truth or false and must be tested on altar of truth every single time. Our indulgence in spiritual literature should be to develop inner intelligence so that we can successfully differentiate truth from falsehood. Wisdom contained in scriptures should be used to remove ignorance within.


We must never forget it is only light of wisdom that removes darkness of ignorance forever.


All spiritual literature, teachings of enlightened ones had one single purpose… to remove ignorance within. Indulging in contemplation all the time we can successfully do it. For this very reason our going to temples, churches or mosques… does not serve much purpose. We could indulge in contemplation sitting anywhere, even in confines of home. All my life I indulged in contemplation at home, in school and during the to and fro journey from home to school.


Scriptures Sacred Texts not instruments to decorate the library

Anything that propels one towards God is spirituality. We must treat scriptures, sacred texts only as a guide in the spiritual journey of life. To dissolve queries within, scriptures come to our rescue. The spiritual writings contained in sacred texts had no purpose other than dissolving queries within. Literal reading of scriptures never helps one in dissolving queries within.


People all over the world most of time read scriptures literally but to what avail! Spirituality demands our indulgence in sacred texts via contemplation (chintan in Hinduism).


By: Vijay Kumar “Atma Jnani”… The Man who Realized God in 1993 – (Ref. 171212)

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