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For our Consciousness to reach Stage of Absolute Purity our Indulgence in Path of Jnana Yoga Absolute Wisdom was necessitated

The consciousness existing in our heart is our soul atman, the spirit! As detailed in Bhagavad Gita we were primarily a spiritual being manifesting human body.   Intelligence directly relates to physical manifest life. The moment a soul atman manifests a human body, it is governed by ego (Aham in Hinduism) and buddhi (intellect). As human beings exercised their intellect, […]

I Never became a Slave to my Destiny

All my life from six years of age I made my own path, manifesting destiny of my choosing. I never became a slave to my destiny. Indulging in requisite karma, following path of spirituality… yoga meditation I finally cleared spiritual journey to reach God in present life 37 years of age.   At every stage of spiritual life, teachings of […]

Work Becomes a Burden in Life if We Indulged in it with a Detached Attitude

When we indulged in work for the sake of it, we at times felt lost. This happened when we did not have a passion in life following which people often lost track of time. If we have a fixed single goal in life, we could pursue it with all our zeal, never leaving anything to chance! Work becomes a burden […]

Intelligence can be Gained by any Human Being at any Stage of Life

Intelligence can be broadly categorized into two categories… bookish and inherent! Bookish knowledge helps one earn our daily bread and butter, live a meaningful life on mother earth! The inherent knowledge, jnana wisdom derived from scriptures, sacred texts helps human beings shed dross impurities within our soul atman… reach stage of enlightenment and finally moksha salvation.   Hinduism believes in […]

The Doctrine of Karma was Intrinsically connected to Doctrine of Rebirth Reincarnation

The doctrine of karma was intrinsically connected to doctrine of rebirth, reincarnation! Human beings indulged in karma to remove dross impurities within their soul atman. In absence of karma life would not move ahead in cosmic life cycle.   The removal of dross impurities within a soul atman was a long drawn process. Every soul atman needs manifesting a chain […]

Fire of Jnana Yoga burns Darkness of Ignorance forever

Fire consumes everything in its path, when burnt intelligently; it cleanses self of dross impurities within! Fire of jnana yoga burns darkness of ignorance forever. How do we indulge in prayaschitta? Forgiveness can be indulged only when we burnt pyre of jnana wisdom within.   By: Vijay Kumar “Atma Jnani”… The Man who Realized God in 1993 – (Ref. 161213) […]

As per Hinduism Scriptures Consciousness existing in our Heart was our Soul Atman the Spirit

As per Hinduism scriptures consciousness existing in our heart was our soul atman, the spirit! It is this consciousness that manifest human form to work out its karma, remove dross impurities within! The consciousness existing in human body was primordial cosmic energy beyond human comprehension.   As detailed in Upanishads (independent treatises) the consciousness existing in all living beings including […]

Affirmations every now and then were Integral Part of Spiritual Life

Unless we affirmed our faith in God Almighty all the time, we could never successfully indulge in meditation yoga! Affirmations every now and then were integral part of spiritual life. We successfully indulged in meditation via path of contemplation only through affirmations! As nothing in field of spirituality could be understood literally, it is only through path of affirmations, contemplation […]

Hinduism Scriptures advocate Indulgence in Meditation via Path of Contemplation to Reach Hidden underlying Meaning of Sacred Texts

Meditation was necessitated if our goal of life was spiritual, never materialistic! Indulging in yoga meditation, path of contemplation human beings finally succeed in reaching stage of enlightenment, moksha salvation! Mahavira (24th Tirthankara of Jainism) rightly says, every human being on mother earth had a spark of divinity within to reach stage of enlightenment, moksha salvation!   Spiritually every single […]

The Ageing Process can be Slowed only by Indulgence in Brahmacharya Vrata celibacy

The ageing process can be slowed only by indulgence in Brahmacharya Vrata (celibacy). When human beings accumulated sexual energy, channelizing it towards positive goals of life… one radiated a glow of inner beauty, surpassing physical beauty many times!   By: Vijay Kumar “Atma Jnani”… The Man who Realized God in 1993 – (Ref. 161213) Bhagavad Gita Study Circle: a meeting […]

Travelers of Spiritual Path gave Precedence to Suffering than Happiness

Travelers of spiritual path gave precedence to suffering than happiness! Unless one indulged in prayaschitta, we could never absolve self of dross impurities within… dissolve our sins forever! For a true seeker both happiness and sufferings were two sides of the same coin. For a seeker the glass was always half full, and for one indulging in material pursuits of […]

It was our Attitude our Karma our Ego that made Life Good or Bad

Life is what it was all the time… bubbly, inspiring… full of gaiety and laughter! It was our attitude, our karma… our ego that made life good or bad!   Once a human being wanted to settle in the town of Socrates! As this human being was about to enter the town Socrates stopped him on the gate and asked, […]

God from Beginning of Life was beyond Comprehension of Human Beings

No religion on mother earth advocates that God Almighty was the form of human beings. God from beginning of life was beyond comprehension of human beings. Through limited power of senses and mind we could not visualize what God Almighty stood for. We can only realize presence of God Almighty in day-to-day affairs of life similar as we can recognize […]

Journey of Spirituality was always Indulged by Hit and Trial method

Unmindful of what future holds a student starts ones journey of education. Jumping from one class to another, one keeps dreaming about becoming something in future. What if one does not reach the goal of their dreams? All was dependent on karma performed. As our indulgence, accordingly the manifestation of karma!   When a seeker indulges in spirituality, yoga meditation […]

In Absence of I the Pure Soul Atman finally Merges with Parmatman God Brahman in Hinduism

When a commoner, a normal human being dies… the released soul atman immediately manifests a new body based on residual balance of karma of that moment. This cycle of birth and death continues until a soul atman reaches 8.4 millionth manifestation, last in cosmic life cycle! This is the stage when I of physical self, dissolves forever. In absence of […]

All Enlightened Ones at the End of Spiritual Journey established Communion with God Almighty on One-to-one Basis every second of Life

All enlightened ones at the end of spiritual journey established communion with God Almighty on one-to-one basis every second of life. God Almighty was not the form of human beings. God Almighty was primordial celestial power beyond human comprehension. A seeker in the later stages of spiritual pursuit finally realizes what God Almighty was. We could never see God but […]

At any Stage of Life Now or in Future Religion could never Blend with Spirituality

Spirituality was irrespective of cultural divisions… faith, beliefs… even religion! Spirituality was primarily based on truth and only truth. Spirituality as detailed in Bhagavad Gita was the only truth of life. Every single enlightened one who manifest on mother earth succeeded in reaching stage of enlightenment following teachings of Lord Krishna contained in Bhagavad Gita. This includes even Jesus Christ […]

Despite 24 Tirthankaras of Jainism it is Primarily Recognized from the Times of Mahavira

Jainism believes that Mahavira was 24th Tirthankara of Jainism, preceptor… an enlightened one, a Siddha! Before advent of Mahavira 23 more Tirthankaras manifest on mother earth. The first was Adinatha (termed Shiva by some). The 22nd Tirthankara Neminatha was cousin of Lord Krishna.   Despite 24 Tirthankaras of Jainism, Jainism is primarily recognized from the times of Mahavira. Why? Until […]

An established Practitioner of Celibacy Yoga Meditation can increase Ones Lifespan to about 150 years even while Remaining Young all the time

One who indulges in spirituality, path of yoga meditation… practices celibacy (Brahmacharya Vrata) remains young all the time. An established practitioner of celibacy, yoga meditation can increase ones lifespan to about 150 years even while remaining young all the time.   By: Vijay Kumar “Atma Jnani”… The Man who Realized God in 1993 – (Ref. 161213) Bhagavad Gita Study Circle: […]

The Mental Prowess of an Enlightened One almost reaches Infinity

The achievements of an enlightened one were never measured in terms of IQ. It is not bookish knowledge that one acquires on journey of spirituality. Normal human beings used their brain 1 to 2%, the balance lying dormant. Indulging in path of jnana yoga (absolute wisdom) an enlightened one finally uses the brain 100%. Jesus Christ was one who after […]