Blooming Flowers and Human Evolution – the inherent connection

If we minutely observe a growing bud, we find it evolving of its own. None can interfere in its growth. Given the right ambience, water, air and manure; the bud is expected to grow full bloom eventually evolving into a beautiful flower. Comparatively what of human growth?


In a so-called developing country like India, how do children grow! Do they evolve of their own or under pressure of peers, family members relatives and friends; unable to express their best, put a lid on inherent desires forever.


Human being the highest manifest stage in cosmic life cycle is expected to evolve from within but that rarely happens as can be seen world over. More so in developing countries where whims and fancies of parents, elders in the family play a domineering role!


From the very beginning of life children in India remain under pressure of parents. In most schools children work as if in a time bound factory. The same rhythm of day-to-day life, there was nothing much to do, evolve from within. What students really wanted to do in life was not the concern of teachers or parents, all were after physical education. Assimilating textbook knowledge was considered more important than evolving from within.


Happenings in America and other developed countries of world was different. Children truly evolved from within in developed countries like USA, UK, Europe, Canada and Australia etc.


Cramming was a regular feature in Indian schools. Parents and teachers always expected students to come first in class. None was after evolving from within, reaching our true hidden potential.


Who was to blame, the elders or the teachers? Bluntly stated, none was at fault. Parents practiced what they experienced when young. They themselves indulged in cramming when young. Whatever their experience, they put into practice with their children.


In the nascent stages of earthly life, more precedence was given to physical work than mental. Whatever little bookish knowledge was necessitated, it practically sufficed. Parents did not pressurize children for higher learning. Mental evolution was totally stagnant. What mattered most was, earning daily bread and butter for the family.


In the initial stages of human evolution when life was still evolving on mother earth, cramming was part of student life but what now when science has evolved at much faster pace. This was the ripe time to evolve, develop from within. We just could not remain a slave to deeds of past.


If our forefathers practiced so, does not mean we also repeat same practices. As the most intelligent species on mother earth, we had a right to choose, exercise our free will. We could practice and become a magnificent evolving being at its level best. To evolve and let others evolve should be our motto. This way exercising our free will we could fulfil our duties as a true human being.


Basic tenets of Education and Human growth

Every single child in the world had a right to grow from within but that rarely happens, more so in so-called developing countries. Even the largest democracy of world India fails on this account.


Evolving from within is what life all about. We were never born to be a slave of the system. In a country like India senior students after completing education were prompted by their parents, elders in the family to pursue government jobs. The sole purpose was permanency, so-called stability in life. India keeps producing students similar to cars manufactured on an assembly-line but to what avail?


Fashionable students after completing studies in IITs often left the country in expectation of green pastures abroad. After few years of struggle and establishment they still kept visiting their home country. The reason, they were missing their roots! They were not content from within. Something was amiss! The desire to connect to roots again was still burning bright.


In this mindless struggle to survive in life, one finally becomes a slave to their destiny. No matter how best our financial capability or worldly assets, we deeply missed something inside. We had not evolved naturally. We should have grown from within. We should have pursued a path in life dearest to our heart, a passion indulging in which one often loses track of time, but we did not.


What stops us from pursuing our inner goal of life?


Evolution from within – the Ultimate Goal of human life

All human beings irrespective of where we live, in a developed or a developing country must indulge in evolving from within. We must always flow with our passion coming from within. We must carefully hear what others had to say in the family or outside but must always concentrate and continue to do what our heart tells us to do.


Every human being, every individual can become an asset if we truly followed our passion. None can stop us from blooming in a field of our choosing.


Success in life does not mean possessing worldly wealth. True happiness always comes from within. We were truly happy when we followed our passion in life. Those who went after worldly riches, in future sought their roots again and again.


Born a human being we can truly work wonders. Any profession of our choosing would never fail. Something that comes from heart had the stamping of our soul atman. After all, the physical manifest form was manifested by our soul atman within. The body was only a vehicle to abide by wishes of soul atman within.


All students, every single one existing in this world must bear in mind, we were free to follow any goal in life. By remaining 100% truthful we could distinctly hear promptings of soul atman coming from within. It is our soul atman that guides us in our journey of life. There never was a cause for worry.


Keeping faith in self, believing 100% in god we must indulge in day-to-day routines of life.


No profession in this world can be looked down upon. Every profession was noble; we must learn to look within.


Scriptures and Human Evolution

Sacred texts of different religions of world say follow path of spirituality to realize our true inner potential. And what was this potential? As per sacred texts of Hinduism, goal of human life was… emancipation from cycle of birth and death forever. We just could not keep rotating in endless cycles of birth and death.


Even famous people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett… even Tatas in India would keep rotating in endless cycles of birth and death. This would continue unless one indulged in spirituality to reach cosmic end of life, 8.4 millionth manifestation… last in cosmic life cycle.


What use accumulating material wealth when nothing can be carried on to next life! Why the fancy? Why we cannot kill our inner urges to be the best in society. All the display of competition was total farce. Instead of following a path dictated by elders, we must stick to our inner urges.


We must never forget everything that comes from within was based on absolute truth. We just could not belie presence of a soul atman in our heart.


If we were to truly excel in life, we must follow our inner instinct and accordingly indulge in studies.


Vijay Kumar and his Inner Urge

From class 6 to class 8, I always stood second in class. I was not even an average guy. The reason for my coming second in class was art of cramming. Without understanding the inner gist, I indulged in different subjects. Slowly I became quite proficient in the art of cramming.


It was only when I stepped into ninth class, something within stirred as if to say something was abysmally wrong. Something prompted from within questioning my integrity. Whatever I learnt in class six, I forgot in class seven. Whatever I learnt in class seven, I forgot in class eight. After lot of contemplation (chintan), I realized… I was only after marks, never the intelligence; the real wisdom.


If I had to grow from within, I had to stop cramming. Finally after a long review I stopped cramming. In ninth class I scored zero in four subjects and 20% in one subject. It was then hell broke loose. I received a good beating from the principal. For many days my hands hurt. The class teacher, the principal were mortified (full of disdain). No one could apprehend the reason behind. I maintained my silence, totally unwilling to change my path.


No matter how much coaxing, I did not reveal the reason to my teachers for scoring so low.


Once I had decided to go ahead in life based on my inner passion, nothing could come my way, stop me from doing so. I somehow felt eventually I would turn out a winner in the end.


Slowly, I picked up in studies step-by-step. My grades were poor but I was a happy person within.


I started following dictates of soul atman within. I had somehow become a cosmic traveler, not bound by routines of earthly life.


The inner calm that pervaded, kept me in a state of bliss most of time. Instead of indulging in ephemerality of worldly life, I started my indulgence in abstract cosmic truths of life. What can be more pleasing to human psyche? Connected to God, my soul atman within… I was the happiest person in my community. That was my personal feeling all the time.


A Word of Advice to Students of present times

For Vijay Kumar Jain, the personal goal of life was spiritual, searching for god. For others the goal may be different, belonging to earthly life. Still, we must pursue our inner passion as no profession in this world was minor, abhorrable. No matter how small a job, we must always put our heart into it. We have to keep walking the extra mile all the time.


To gain real success, to exercise happiness from within all the time… we must always pursue a goal in life that comes from our heart. For it is our soul, existing in heart that needs a goal and not us the physical self. As the present journey of life belongs to our soul atman within, by following our passion we would not be doing injustice to our self.


Temporarily we may be out of harmony with our parents, elders in the family. But we would subsequently turn out a winner in the end. If we go into life history of truly successful people in this world, the story always was the same… all had pursued their inner passion to gain success in life.


Bookish knowledge must never be crammed. We must learn to evolve from within. Whatever we learnt in past must not be forgotten by us ever. When we evolved like a flower, we finally bloomed to our fullest potential.


No matter how difficult life becomes, we must never quit our passion. Working for others was never a problem provided we loved doing our job. Living a life of burden was not an intelligent thing to do by human beings. In the animal kingdom life was ruthless. But we human beings can evolve to our full potential… become a successful magnate at the end of earthly journey.


Worldly or spiritual, whatever our passion in life, we must take our lesson from life journey of a flower. We must learn to evolve from within, only then we can transcend earthly journey forever.


Evolving from within is what human life all about, as a student we must never forget this valuable lesson in life.


By: Vijay Kumar “Atma Jnani”… The Man who Realized God in 1993 – (Ref. 180227)

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