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A great patriotic breed just like Hindus! When young my father told me a story about Israel. My father visited a European country as a UN expert. He stayed in a hotel for few days. In the middle of night around 2 AM he abruptly got up as someone was making noises in the corridor. On opening the door he found a gentlemen briskly walking up and down the whole corridor. After some time my father summoned courage to ask cause for his uneasiness. He politely said that in a few days from now elections are going to be held in Israel. The leader of opposition was a great parliamentarian one who deserved respect but one belonging to his party was a close friend unworthy of the post. He has to decide whom to vote for, as he had to make a choice between a formidable, eminent foe and an incompetent friend. The matter ended.


My father was out of town for a day or two. When he returned he found the same gentlemen and out of curiosity asked for his decision in the matter. He was blunt and sincere. He had voted for the eminent foe as it concerned a sensitive post which greatly mattered for his country and as a responsible citizen he was bound to select the right man for the post. This is what Israelis stand for, the true power of Jews! I salute this spirit of Jews, Israelis!


By: Vijay Kumar “Atma Jnani”… The Man who Realized God in 1993 – (Ref 151101)

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