Ultimate Benefits of Meditation

Vijay, a skinny lad from birth always spent his time doing nothing worthwhile. All the time eating, gossiping he had no goal in life. As time passed he grew in age, a young lad 13 years of age. Whenever his mother Mala asked him for some errand, he whined, made excuses galore. Fed up with uncalled for whining of her favorite child, she finally decided to teach him a lesson.


One day she firmly sent him for an errand nearby. Mala was a highly energized lady who believed more in hard work than luck. She was an excellent tailor. People from far and near came to her for stitching their clothes. One day what Vijay witnessed was mind-boggling; he just could not believe his eyes. A young girl, the most beautiful charming he ever set eyes upon got down from her caravan.


Hiding behind curtains, he continued looking at her until she finally knocked the front door. His mother opened the door and she got a wonderful order from the girl. The girl after placing her order went straight to the caravan and swish, the caravan was not to be seen anywhere. The poor boy had never witnessed but only imagined a figure like that in fairytales. He was totally flabbergasted.


He feared asking his mom for the details. As days passed by he mustered enough courage to ask his mother who she was. His mother kept quite. After a few days he again enquired of her. His mother knowing the capability of his son asked him to indulge in his affairs and stop pestering her. She inherently knew that this young, good for nothing lad of hers had developed a liking for her. Still, she kept mum.


Mala was an intelligent lady. She knew how to nurture her son. Whenever she asked her son for an errand, now he was more than willing to do the job. Slowly she started sending him to houses that lay far off. Vijay who was not habituated to walk greater lengths soon tired himself. But remembering the girls face, a bout of fresh energy overpowered him. Slowly he built his stamina of going farther and farther.


He used to ask his mother ways and means to increase his potential for completing errands in a more potential manner. Mala realized what his son had in mind. She started calling him names and repeatedly sending him to more far-flung places for delivery of orders. As increased the pace of Vijay, his mother observed Vijay had not only built a robust body but also become wiser in the journey of life.


Comes a day when Mala sent Vijay to a very long-distance for delivering the order! As Vijay had to walk on foot all along, he developed his own style of functioning. He became more independent and mature. Vijay continued his journey to deliver the package but the house was not to be seen anywhere. He had already crossed the boundary of his village and the nearby town and was walking on a path unknown.


Finally, he noticed a small castle built in most beautiful surroundings and he mustered enough courage to go to this castle and check for himself. As he neared the castle he could hear someone singing. As he neared he just could not believe his eyes. The fairy of his heart, his princess who had come in a caravan to his house was sitting by a brook unmindful of the surroundings singing her favorite song.


He neared her but instead of asking anything hid behind a tree and kept listening to her. The moment she finished her singing he confronted her with the package and asked her if that belonged to her. As if the girl was waiting for her, she beckoned him to come into the castle. The moment he entered, he was totally lost. There were other girls more beautiful than her singing and dancing all around.


So much so he absolutely forgot about her. Vijay had finally reached his goal of life. He had gained enlightenment guided by the force of his soul atman that existed in his house in the form of his mother.


Yoga meditation was the journey in which Mala (the soul atman of Vijay) had trained him gradually step-by-step to go farther and farther. From the moment Vijay developed absolute faith in his mother; the journey for Vijay had become easier and comfortable. Mala all the time knew what Vijay wanted. The same is the case with our soul atman. It always knows our ultimate desires, wishes!


We only need following the path prompted from within. Yoga meditation was not something that could be learnt from books. The whole path, the path of self enquiry, path of contemplation always comes from within. Path of spirituality always was an uncharted territory similar to what Vijay covered in actual life. Believing in self, believing in our soul atman we could travel spiritual path and reach God in one’s lifetime.


If Vijay could do it, so could others. Every single human being on mother earth had a spark of divinity within. Scriptures of Hinduism rightly say, as many human beings as many paths to God Almighty can there be. Path of spirituality is always travelled all alone. Spiritual masters, preceptors are difficult to come by. No matter how best I tried, I could never get a spiritual master to guide me in the journey of life.


Having 100% faith in God Almighty all the time, walking path of truthfulness all the time I finally cleared all hurdles of spiritual path to reach God in present life. Meditation stood for yoga in Hindi. Yoga is derived from the root word yog which in Hindi stood for yoking, synthesis. Ever since a soul atman separated from its source, God Almighty himself (Brahman in Hinduism) it desires yoking back to its source.


The effort of a soul atman trying to yoke with Parmatman (God) is termed yoga. In Hindi two yog two equals four. Searching for our true inner self, God residing in our heart in miniscule form demands a journey into the unknown. Every single human being on mother earth would have a different path. I followed path of yoga meditation undertook by Maharishi Ramana… path of self enquiry, path of Neti (not this, not this) to reach God in present life.


And finally coming to your point, the ultimate benefit of meditation was reaching abode of God, kingdom of God (Vaikuntha in Hinduism)… a point of no return.


By: Vijay Kumar “Atma Jnani”… The Man who Realized God in 1993 – (Ref 150908)

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