Killings in Mahabharata Battle Justified?

When young and surrounded by lot of mosquitoes in the village I used to wonder whether or not to kill mosquitoes biting me all over for my indulgence may invoke bad karma. At that young age sometimes I killed, sometimes let them bite me. It was not a stage of do or die so I let it go.


Suppose a pack of wolves surrounded us from all sides. We had a weapon that could kill them all. In such circumstances would I practice good karma and let them eat me or indulge in bad karma, kill them all. I would take the second option. After all born a human being, the highest manifest stage in cosmic life cycle, I had my right to live. How could doctrine of karma interfere in my workings?


With passage of time I realized, fear of bad karma does not mean becoming a coward in the journey of life. If wolves eating me was not bad karma for them, then how killing them could be termed bad karma! There was something in philosophy of karma that I was missing. I finally realized that Lord Krishna was right ordering Arjuna to indulge in battle of dharma (righteousness).


Lord Krishna rightly says to save lives of millions if a few are sacrificed, then no sin is committed. For the sake of re-establishing dharma, to save mankind from untold miseries the complete entourage of Kauravas needed elimination. They had exceeded their ethical and moral limits. In such circumstances, an avatar Lord Krishna was duty-bound to practice righteousness and order Arjuna to fight.


Where was the killing? As detailed in Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna clearly says that we were primarily a spiritual being… a soul atman, the consciousness within manifesting human form to work out our karma, remove dross impurities within. The moment death occurs; we as a soul atman again manifested a new form based on residual balance of karma at the time of death.


Precepts of spirituality contained in Bhagavad Gita could never be understood literally, prime reason why human beings termed indulgence in war of dharma (righteousness) as killing. The war of Mahabharata was no ordinary war. It was fully justified as evil tendencies that bared their fangs had to meet their end once and for all. Lord Krishna gave a suitable period of 13 years for Kauravas to improve but they didn’t.


Realizing that Kauravas would never change tactics, war of Mahabharata (war of righteousness) became a necessity of those times.


Even in present times when evil tendencies are baring fangs in day-to-day events of life, people await coming of Kalki Avatar, one who shall annihilate evil tendencies of Kali Yuga. Can the society survive for long in present circumstances? Can godly people survive in present circumstances? Society has reached its lowest ebb, a point of no return. In such circumstances war of dharma (righteousness) becomes inevitable. People sometimes stoop so low, it becomes difficult to differentiate human beings from animals. The coming world war 3 would not be an ordinary war but a war of gigantic proportions like Mahabharata. 1200 million people would perish in world war 3. Only then world shall witness dawn of a new era, the awaited Satyuga (golden period).


By: Vijay Kumar “Atma Jnani”… The Man who Realized God in 1993 – (Ref 150910)

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