We Always have to Work to reach Stage of Moksha Salvation Stage of Absolute Purity as Soul Atman

We always have to work to reach stage of salvation. Moksha salvation belongs to our soul atman, the consciousness within. It was never a property of physical manifest self.


As detailed in Bhagavad Gita we were primarily a soul atman, consciousness within on its cosmic life cycle of 8.4 million manifestations. In human form traveling path of spirituality human beings finally gained enlightenment in their lifetime. Enlightenment announces the soul atman reaching stage of absolute purity, emancipating forever from cycle of birth and death.


Enlightenment means becoming a Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed in present life. God Almighty ordained a long journey of 1.1 million manifestations in human form to reach stage of enlightenment. Enlightenment could not be reached via path of religion (rituals). Our indulgence in scriptures of different religions of world was mandated.


To reach stage of enlightenment our establishing absolute control over five senses and mind was an absolute must. Furthermore practicing absolute celibacy for a minimum period of 12 years in continuation, we succeed in full awakening of kundalini shakti, the coiled Serpentine energy lying dormant in base of spine. Remaining truthful all the time was an important ingredient of spiritual path.


By: Vijay Kumar “Atma Jnani”… The Man who Realized God in 1993 – (Ref. 161022)

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