Yogic Exercises Sitting in Lotus Posture

In yesteryears when human brain had not yet evolved to the extent as of now, most yogis, travelers of spiritual path indulged in yoga meditation… yogic exercises by sitting in lotus posture. Maharishi Ramana, a spiritual stalwart who succeeded in reaching God in his lifetime indulged and advocated following path of shavasna (the dead pose). One must indulge in yoga meditation as convenient to the body. In present times it was not necessary to sit erect and contemplate on God. We can indulge in any path of yoga meditation. We must always remember yoga meditation can be indulged only in a relaxed body.


While contemplating in shavasna path of yoga, one would experience sleepiness in the first few moments. There was nothing wrong with that. We can go to deep sleep as the body requires. Slowly our body would acclimatize to shavasna way of yoga. For practicing self enquiry, path of logical reasoning there was nothing better than lying in shavasna pose of yoga to indulge in contemplation. From 13 years of age I followed path advocated by Maharishi Ramana, path of shavasna way of yoga. While going to bed in the night it is always preferable to indulge in contemplation lying in shavasna pose of yoga.


By: Vijay Kumar “Atma Jnani”… The Man who Realized God in 1993 – (Ref 150929)

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