What is a Soul

Existing from times immemorial, a subtle form of energy that survives death of body; soul is immortal by nature. A soul gave life to a body. In absence of soul, human body was just inert matter. Some people feel life ends with death of body, this was not true.


Hinduism scriptures say the present human form is manifested by soul to cleanse self of dross impurities within. Of its own no soul can purify self and needs a body to work out its karma. In Hinduism soul is termed atman that seemingly resides in our heart.


Starting from amoeba, insect life, plant life and animal life… every living form possesses it. This vital intangible life force absence of which causes death of body is also termed consciousness; spirit that cannot be created or destroyed! As per Hindu scriptures in its lifetime, maximum of 8.4 million forms are manifested by a soul.


Every soul is so minute; it cannot be measured by science. Beyond human understanding, this inner essence we called soul indirectly governs the manifest body still, we cannot see it.


In the beginning no life existed on planet earth. The moment planet earth became conducive to support life; souls manifested life forms and finally germination of life on mother earth became a reality. After manifesting form of amoeba (single cell formation), the first manifestation by a soul; it keeps evolving, manifesting form after another until gaining total purity, when the need to manifest another body ceases to exist!


The circle of life for soul ends when human beings finally gained enlightenment (Mukti, liberation from cycle of birth and death); the stage when one becomes a Mahavira, Gautama Buddha Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed.


To understand the entire concept of soul, our indulgence in spirituality is necessitated.


My personal experience of what is a soul

When six years of age something all the time fluttered in my heart! At the time I was extremely truthful, never willing to accept from anyone anything that was untruthful.


Unsure what it was I discussed with elders in the family but none knew anything about it! All guided me to the pundit of the temple.


The voice from within was so clear, distinct that I could clearly hear it all the time. As time elapsed I realized it was my real self, soul existing in my heart that all the time prompted from within. I was tempted to listen to this voice most of time. Initially I feared it, not knowing what it may lead to. Finally one day I prepared myself to seriously listen to this voice from within.


Since that day it was never looking back. I realized that the present journey of life truly belonged to this soul existing in heart. I was only a cosmic traveler supposed to abide by its wishes. As a body it was in my interest to succumb to dictates of soul coming from within. The more I followed the dictates of soul coming from within, happier I was. At times ecstasy took over.


All the time I started feeling connected to god. More than books, the schooling… burden of homework; I started connecting to voice within. My life from now on was practically run by this inner self soul existing in heart. The writings, sacred texts of Hinduism finally confirmed my apprehension that it was not the body, but soul within that was the real master.


My interaction with my soul at that young age resulted in my realizing god, reaching god in 1993 37 years of age.


I can now say with 100% conviction that souls exist and journey in human form was just part of this whole grand cosmic show.


By: Vijay Kumar “Atma Jnani”… The Man who Realized God in 1993 – (Ref. 171210)

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