War of Mahabharata Metaphorically demonstrates Eulogizes that Human Beings must Indulge in Path of Spirituality to reach Stage of Enlightenment in their Lifetime

What use a child going to school when one inherently knows, after death of human body… one shall restart journey on mother earth again as a child. Can we stop happenings of physical manifest world? Can we stop a plant to grow any further or the sun to shine daily?


War of Mahabharata metaphorically demonstrates, eulogizes that human beings must indulge in path of spirituality to reach stage of enlightenment in their lifetime. There was no other reason for war of Mahabharata! Every second human beings invoked thousands of both negative and positive thoughts! The churning of these thoughts through path of Samudra manthan is what spirituality all about.


When the society reaches a point of no return, a war of Mahabharata magnitude becomes inevitable! Only then the society can be cleansed of all its ills. It is during these times comes an avatar (God manifest in human form) to re-establish Dharma (righteousness) on mother earth.


The war of Mahabharata, a mother of all wars occurs every 3500 to 5000 years! About 3650 years before now came Lord Krishna and about a decade or so from now would Kalki Avatar advent.


Everything in cosmic life cycle moves with clockwork precision. Between 12 noon and 2 PM lay the brightest hour of the day, the peak of Satyuga (the golden period)! When the clock strikes 5 AM in the morning it is the darkest hour of the night. The war of Mahabharata is about to start. Between 5 AM and 6 AM mankind witnesses the fiercest war of that era, mother of all wars… a man-made calamity! Beyond 6 AM lay dawn of new era, a new beginning… start of Satyuga (the golden period).


By: Vijay Kumar “Atma Jnani”… The Man who Realized God in 1993 – (Ref. 161211)

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