The Biggest Problem of Human Life was Not Believing in Self

The biggest problem of human life was, not believing in self. I also passed this phase of life which rather continued for a very long time but finally I overcame it. My goal of life was spiritual for which I traveled path of truthfulness all the time. I was truthful to the core. None in this world could sway me from my path. Even if God Almighty came disguised, he also would have failed in changing my path!


This truthfulness and belief in my real self existing in my heart as my soul atman gave me an added impetus from within. I also had a definite goal of life from nine years of age. Putting all eggs in one basket I went in search of god. My concentration was absolute, my faith in God was 100% and loaded with willpower, exercising power of discrimination at each and every stage of life I started my spiritual journey full thrust. There was no looking back, I had to win or perish. I just did not want to return in the cycle of birth and death again and again. I wanted to reach stage of absolute purity as a soul atman.


As my spiritual journey progressed, self-confidence from within multiplied many times. My inherent fear seemingly disappeared in no time. I was becoming more and more confident day by day. I distinctly remember when above six years of age I caught my father speaking untruth. My grandfather happened to pass by. I immediately complained to my grandfather and to my surprise he seemingly agreed with me but said nothing. I understood that he believed more in me and my truth than my father, his son!


Eventually my spiritual journey led me to cosmic end of life when I finally became a pure soul atman 37 years of age! Story of my Personal Experience of God


By: Vijay Kumar “Atma Jnani”… The Man who Realized God in 1993 – (Ref. 161120)

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