Role of Contemplation Chintan in spiritual progress – Opening dormant lying portions of Brain

Thinking prowess of human beings is the biggest asset of mankind, differentiating human beings from lower forms of life.


We could easily distinguish one human being from other based on thinking prowess. Everything else remaining the same, it is only our mental prowess that differentiates one from other. The essence of life always laid in our thinking. Positive our approach in life, we would not only remain happy most of time but also manifest destiny.


Every moment thousands of thoughts flowed through our brain. Most were illogical, not required. By gradually establishing control over five senses and ego (Aham in Hinduism), we could refine our thinking process, slowly negating all negative thoughts not directed towards our goal of life.


Positive thinking simply means thinking welfare of all, all the time. If we meant no harm to all, if we thought welfare of others most of time, we were positive in our approach of life. A truly positive person could not even harm a fly. One would find an alternative instead of killing the fly.


When young, we hardly used our brain one percent, the remaining 99% lying dormant. As we matured, based on our day-to-day experiences and intellect, our thinking faculty evolved. If we indulged in contemplation (chintan), this faculty of thinking multiplied manifold. If we invoked positive thoughts most of time, we became wiser in the journey of life.


With time we realize, an evolving brain had its benefits. We were closely connected to soul existing in our heart.


At this juncture I would make one thing absolutely clear. No human being ever had an independent mind. The mind of entire cosmos was one having two compartments; reservoir of mind plus and mind minus. From mind plus flowed all positive thoughts existing in entire cosmos and from mind minus all negative thoughts.


We human beings only invoked thoughts, nothing more. The invocation of thoughts was directly based on our intellect (buddhi in Hindi), the inherent intelligence stored in our brain. Successful people all the time invoked positive thoughts while seemingly failures, negative thoughts. As invocation of thoughts was purely dependent on us, we just could not blame God Almighty for our woes at any stage of life. It was our karma, our thought process that resulted in the predicament.


Does this mean, just by controlling our karma, the thought process we could not only monitor our present but also manifest destiny forever… yes, it is an absolute fact of life. All successful people do it all the time.


In the field of pure spirituality, invoking thoughts at will form part of contemplation (chintan). If we need finding a solution to a query, we have to contemplate on the matter. All sorts of positive and negative thoughts would be invoked in the process. It is purely on us to differentiate between the wanted and unwanted thoughts.


If my query was, who was God; then I would browse over multitude of thoughts relating to God. Indulging in self enquiry I would exterminate all thoughts that do not seem related to God. Thoughts that initially seem okay would be retained, may be temporarily. By cross-examining all thoughts, we could easily separate thoughts that support God from those that did not.


This cross examination process, this negation of irrelevant thoughts would continue endlessly until we reach a definite answer to the query. The answer to the query who was God can only be one. In field of spirituality we talk in terms of absolute. Initially we need to decide whether God exists or not. Once we decide God exists then in what form!


Thousands of queries related to God would pass through our brain. Using power of discrimination we need distinguishing between useful and worthless thoughts. Positive thoughts that were supported by scriptures need to be retained. These thoughts would be grilled later on. When a set of thoughts relating to God finally settles in our intellect, we have to churn these thoughts in our brain to arrive at one final answer. The answer always has to be absolute.


There can only be one single answer to every query. We must be able to say with conviction that God exists. Furthermore, we should be able to logically describe how God exists! Even though God could not be described through limited power of words still, based on faith we could describe entity of God as detailed in scriptures of different religions of world.


But what of scientists’ world over who demand proofs to accept entity of God. Even masses who believed there was a God could never prove it. It was blind belief primarily based on faith. A seeker could never prove to a scientist that God exists. Unless one churns the ocean of thoughts based on scriptures, one could never arrive at the right answer.


Masses, even scientists do not want to indulge in contemplation (chintan). They simply want evidence, physical proofs to believe in an answer. Something based on faith, scriptures was not acceptable to all. It is at this stage contemplation (chintan) comes to our rescue. A serious traveler of spiritual path indulges in contemplation on God all the time. For him the answer has to come from within. A seeker believes that in the core of our heart exists our soul.


Based on intellect, our thinking prowess when we reach near absolute truth; affirmations from within start flowing. We can slowly feel presence of God in all affairs of life. So much so that we finally realize that God is the creator of entire cosmos (Brahmaand in Hinduism). A seeker finally realizes that one exists because God exists. In absence of God, there would be no cosmos. We as a soul were integral part of God (Parmatman in Hinduism).


Contemplation is the process through which we churn our thoughts in the cauldron of fire. Thoughts that were perennial in nature, truthful sustain the fire and others get burnt out. Thoughts of wasteful each have to be outright discarded.


Neti (not this, not this) plays a pivotal role on path of contemplation. All that was negative, could not sustain on altar of truth gets rejected. All that was pure sustains. Through process of Neti, we negate everything that was temporal; ephemeral… could not sustain tests of time. Everything relating to God has to be perennial, could not perish with time. Human beings die but not the soul atman. If soul atman sustain for ever, so does God Almighty.


By indulging in contemplation, a seeker traveler of spiritual path finally realizes that one was distinct from the manifest physical body; one was in fact the subtle inner essence we called soul atman.


Contemplation and the masses

Most human beings do not want to indulge in contemplation (chintan) that involves churning our thought process. Most preferred indulgence in religious practices (rituals) that were purely physical. Comparatively everything spiritual always was processed mentally.


If we are mentally equipped to churn the thought process, we would succeed indulging in contemplation (chintan). This art of contemplation, churning of thoughts is termed Samudra Manthan in Hinduism. All that was worthless is weeded out during the churn. The precipitate always contained truth and only truth.


As human beings inherently feared indulgence in contemplation, the thought churning process… most remained indulged in ephemeral religious activities that meant nothing on path of pure spirituality. Such human beings keep rotating in the endless cycle of birth and death all the time. Contemplation helps us unveil absolute cosmic truths of life that remained hidden in scriptures.


We simply could not indulge in scriptures literally. The messages contained in scriptures can be unfurled only by indulging in contemplation, never otherwise.


Mastering delicate art of contemplation is the foremost of all requirements on path of spirituality.


The importance of contemplation can be realized from the fact that it took me over eight years to realize the difference between Dharma, religion and spirituality. Whatever people said or did; did not convince me. Unless I indulged in contemplation (chintan), I did not reach the absolute answers. Thereafter it was never looking back. Everything absolute was permanent, never gets erased with time.


Once I understood the difference between Dharma, religion and spirituality… it stuck with me forever.


Meaning of spiritual terminology took months, years to understand the inherent underlying deeper meaning. No matter how best I tried, no so-called spiritual master or preceptor could correctly detail to me meaning of spiritual terminology ever. I had to indulge in every single precept of spirituality via path of contemplation to realize the hidden inner meaning.


Contemplation – How does it relate to gradual opening of Brain

Normal human beings used their brain 1 to 2%. Enlightened souls used their brain 100%. It is contemplation (chintan) that evolves the dormant lying potions of brain in stages.


Contemplation directly relates to mental processing of thoughts. As our spiritual progress accordingly our brain evolves. Enlightenment announces 100% usage of brain.


100% usage of brain means opening of Sahasra Pushpa (thousand petalled Lotus) existing in our brain behind forehead. The moment this happens, all wisdom contained in cosmos is at our tips. One finally becomes knower of all forever, becoming a kaivalya jnani at the end of spiritual journey. One finally becomes a pure soul atman forever.


The cosmic journey of life for a soul finally comes to an end.


In real life we would often witness, whenever we come across a revered spiritual master… he seems to possess answer of all queries within. With scientists, commoners’ facts were different. Commoners relied more on bookish knowledge and scientists more on research, discoveries.


Spiritualists relied more on faith in God, their power of contemplation.


Belief or no belief, world over people believed in power of scriptures, sacred texts compared to bookish knowledge. Scriptures contained texts meaning of which never becomes clear literally. One can understand gist of scriptures only by indulging in contemplation, possessing faith in God.


Evolution of brain to its logical full capacity is possible only through path of spirituality. People say Albert Einstein the famous physicist used his brain 4%. This was nowhere to what travelers of spiritual path possessed.


Travelling path of spirituality our brain could evolve from 2% to 100%.


As human form was only a pawn in the game of cosmic life, essence of life always lay with soul atman existing in heart. It is this soul atman that needs evolving. As it could not evolve of its own, it needs a medium… a body to reach stage of absolute purity, negate dross impurities within.


Human beings desirous of reaching cosmic end of life must think in terms of undertaking spiritual journey in present life time, earlier the better.


By: Vijay Kumar “Atma Jnani”… The Man who Realized God in 1993 – (Ref. 180116)

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